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Hans Bremke

A great success in 2006: Feldhit becomes Reserve champion of the Oldenburg mare show

It needs a lot of courage and is one of the highlights of every stallion parade of Celle: The Hungarian post – Hans Bremke standing on two fast cantering stallions.

Appearances at the stallion parades of Celle have always been a pleasure for Hans Bremke

The Figaro-son Fine Top was qualified for the Bundeschampionate 1992 with Hans Bremke.

With the Acapulco-son Aldino Hans Bremke started in 1993 at the Bundeschampionat of Mannheim.

In 2006 the barn of Bernd Huslage celebrated its opening. Here Hans Bremke and his team have ideal conditions.

It doesn`t matter if you take the Vice-Championesse of Oldenburg 2006, Feldhit by Welt Hit II, the Hanoverian premium stallion and winning stallion of Finland, Fiance by Florencio, the Oldenburg national championship candidate San Piave or the later “Vize-Bundeschampionesse” Destination: They all have something in common and this is the basic training which they have all got by Hans Bremke. One reason more to present his biography:

Country air and the neighing of horses has surrounded Hans Bremke since he was born in 1962. His father was a rider himself and competed successfully and also started at the famous halfblood-races of Quakenbrück. The same did his son Hans and started early with riding. He was always looking forward to his holidays: Then he could travel to his uncle Hermann Bremke who had a very special place of work: State stud farm Celle. For young Hans this time was the one with the most pleasure: He could walk through the old buildings, touch famous stallions, watch the training and daily routine in such a big studfarm. His became clear in these days: He wanted to make a professional education to become a “Pferdewirt Zucht und Haltung” in the state stud farm Celle. This started in 1980 and Hans Bremke moved from Ankum to Celle. 11 years he worked for Celle, learned everything from the bottom up, participitated at the famous stallion parades, didn’t only make his “Pferdewirt” but also his Master. With the title “Gestütshauptwärter” Hans Bremke left the state stud farm in 1991.

In 1991 Hans Bremke moved back into the Artland region and overtook the guidance of Kuwert-Farm of Heinrich Ramsbrock. This meant responsibility for 400 horses and many employees. Bremke was also responsible for the training of the young stallions for the license – a profession which belongs to his special subjects and for which qualities he has been awarded as best shower of stallions at the Hanoverian license 2008. At Kuwert-Farm he was also responsible for the training and presenting of young riding horses up to the Bundeschampionat.

After his time at Kuwertfarm Hans Bremke worked one year at the breeding station Schmidt-Ankum and one year at Höftehof of Meppen. Then the time had come to start his own business. He started it at Zuchthof Risch of Menslage and changed 8 years later to the completely new built barn of Bernd Huslage of Essen.

At this barn which is situated in the main breeding area of hanover and Oldenburg Hans Bremke had ideal conditions for training and presenting young horses. An indoor arena and an outside arena, longing circles indoor and outdoors as well as generous stables mainly with windows offer ideal conditions.

Our team:

Kerstin Hillen who works as stable master is the kind soul of the barn. She made her professional education to become Pferdewirt with Hans Bremke and takes care of feeding, grooming and the health care of the horses.

Mikale Lundberg works as a rider and comes originally from Finland. She worked one year with the world-wide-known and successful Olympic dressage rider Kyra Kyrklund.

Alexandra Röwekamp has a special hand for youngsters, she takes care of longing and breaking in the young horses.